Lessons Learned About History

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Who Tops In The List Of Top Serial Killers To Ever Live

When you read many reports about deaths happening in different parts, you realize that serials killers did the most murders which were documented. The bad thing about the serial killer on a spree is that they kill one today and start looking for the next victim. The cycle continues as they are never satisfied with their last victim. These killers have certain motivation to continue doing these murders. These killers use twisted techniques to murder their next victim, thus leaving a trail of fear.

Some of us have read the history of how the famous serial killers went about different murders for along time before the authority captured them. We can exclusively report about the top American serial killers that were ever reported. There was the Zodiac killers in California who operated in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The killer was named Zodiac because of the taunting letters he sent to the Bay Area press. This smart murder left several clues for decoding, but only one was ever solved. The zodiac killer is claimed to have murdered 37 people but only seven were confirmed.

We cannot fail to name Donald Gaskin Henry, the Hitchhikers Killer. Records indicate that the killer captured, tortured, mutilated and then killed more than 80 people over that period. His gruesome killings started in the year 1969, and he targeted hitchhikers. When captured and jailed, he did not stop as he finally killed an inmate.

Dr. Harold Shipman also called Dr. Death remains amongst the deadliest serial killers, going over 218 murders. The doctor started his killings spree in the year 1972. Evidence shows that in his first year as a doctor, he murdered 71 people. In most of his murders, he used the high level of diamorphine by injecting it on victims. He was arrested and put in custody but killed himself in the year 200.

In Chicago, John Wayne Gacy tops the list of serial killers. John was once accused of murdering a teenager in 1978. The police searched his residence, only to discover decomposing bodies of other 29 teenage boys raped then killed. Apart from the teenagers, he also agreed to have killed several other victims and disposed of their bodies in a nearby lake.

Ted Bundy goes by the name the crazy Necrophile, who specialized in kidnapping, raping and serial killing in America.In his confession, he had killed 30 women, and even engaged in sexual activities with the women. The killer is known to have cut the heads of twelve victims and kept them in his home as trophies. After his arrest at the age of 42, he was executed in an electric chair in the year 1989.

Lessons Learned About History

Lessons Learned About History