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Reasons Why Waterjet Cutting is Preferred

Waterjet cutting is a technology that uses the extremely high pressure of water to cut through a wide variety of materials except for some ceramics or glass that is tempered, it can be able to cut through steel or even titanium when an abrasive is added to the water cutting process. The waterjet cutter has a nozzle that facilitates easy switch from waterjet cutting that uses water only or one incorporated with an abrasive to make it an abrasive waterjet cutter. Despite the waterjet cutting technology being costly it has found popularity in many cutting industries, this is because it is flexible enough to infuse two methods in its cutting procedure that is either cutting using water only or using an abrasive.

There are some importance of using the waterjet cutting process that have led to the variety of its uses, this discussion will focus on the advantages of the waterjet cutting process and why it has gained popularity. There are many cutting processes that tend to leave the edges of materials harden that would require smoothening out, such cutting process utilize heat such as flame or laser cutting, however waterjet cutting is advantageous because it is a cold cutting process that does not use heat and hence has no melting effects neither does it distort the materials due to its no heat affecting zone nature.

The waterjet cutting technology is controlled by a computer that has special programs infused with geometry designs whose advantage is to make sure that there is extreme precision during the cutting process. There are no limitations to what the waterjet cutting technology can do especially when it is reinforced with the abrasive material which enables it to cut through any width of thickness, this is because it is more than capable of cutting through any material, be it rocks, steel, glass, ceramic or even rubber.

Most industrial processes are known to produce waste that is hazardous to the environment, given that we live in an era where there are tons of campaigns advocating for environmental friendly practices, then the waterjet cutting process has a significant benefit because it does not emit waste that is hazardous such as gases or fumes, that could be produced from other technologies used in the cutting industry. The aim of technologies that are being invented is to save the business more money and time and also being able to maximize output production and profits, the waterjet cutting technology is also beneficial because of its efficiency and capability of working faster compared to other cutting technologies.

Today’s economy is ever changing and this discussion has been able to show some light as to why the waterjet cutting technology has remained very competitive.

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