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There Are Many Demons and Their Names Are Many

There is much evidence of the existence of demons. Demons are Satan’s angels. The relationship between Satan and demons is that they execute his mandate.

Demons are rep[resented in the Greek language by the word daimon. There are some translations which translate this word as devil.

Religion portrays demons as to having the ability to fight good. The ways through which demons attack are physical Illness, spiritual warfare, spread of false doctrine, mental impairment, and possession but find out more on list of demon names.

Several ways have theorized the origin of demons. Demons being fallen angels is one of the theories surrounding the origin of demons. Demons are also theorized as emanating from spirits of wicked men.

Still another theory suggests that demons are spirits of a race that lived before men. They are also rumored to be the result of the union between women and angels.

The evil dead are held by many philosophers to be the sources of demons. Ancient literature holds this view. Acquaint yourself with the manes of demons as you continue reading.

It is good to first look at the demon Molech. In ancient times, the Israelites worshiped Molech in various instances. It is not known where the worship of Molech originated from but some people argue that it originated form Canaan with the Phoenicians.

Demons who congregate together are called legion. A person possesses by such displays unfathomable strength.

There are other demons called Abaddon/Apollyon. This demon happens to be extremely frightening. The demon who is behind slavery is called Abdiel. The name of an earth bound destroyer demon is Abatu in the form of nine angels. The demon who is in charge of lust in the world is pan. No lust would be perpetrated without this demon.

Pluto is the god of the underworld. He has a queen of the underworld as well known as Proserpine. Another demon name is Pyro, who is a demon prince in charge of falsehood. A demonic ruler of lunar mansions is abduxuel. Abigar is a name for a demon who foretells the future and also gives military advice.

Abigor is a demon commanding sixty legions. This demon is also referred to as the god of Grand Duke in Hell. The way this demon appears is very pleasant. Balan is a demon who is high in the hierarchy and is the prince of hell. Delusion is orchestrated by balban.

Bar-Lgura is a gargoyle demon said to sit on the top houses and then at will pounce on the inhabitants.

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