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Cabbage and Its Well-Rounded Benefits to Keto Dieters

Cabbage is white, green or purple vegetable normally grown in wild fields. The cruciferous vegetable belongs to a family of cold crops that also includes, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and broccoli. Cabbage-based dishes are quite common around the world, especially in China, Italy and Ireland.

Keto-Friendly Cabbage

So why would you want cabbage if youre following the keto diet? For one, net carbohydrates found in a cup of this veggie is only around 2. That makes it perfect for those who are avoiding carbs to enter into a state of ketosis.

How to Prepare

It may taste bitter if you eat it raw, but it goes well with so many different salads. You can also roast it, which is when it really shines and develops a kind of buttery taste and texture. If you cook it in soups or broths, however, the flavor may just be drowned out by other flavors competing in the dish. If you want the veggies natural flavors to be prominent, pick ingredients that will work with it instead of against it.

Fact is, there are so many ways to prepare cabbage, from roasting to braising to even pickling and fermenting.

Southern Fried Cabbage

Definitely, one of the best dishes you can make of this veggie is your old familiar Southern fried cabbage, which is not only tasty but very comforting. This dish certainly calls for onion, especially caramelized, which is a must for all dishes to turn savory anyway. And of course, just the right amount of everyones favorite low-carb keto superstar, bacon, which perfectly rounds off the flavors.

Healthy Cabbage

The veggies low carb count isnt the only reason you should include cabbage in your ketogenic diet. It also comes with a load of nutrients. It offers 20% more than your vitamin C and vitamin K recommended daily allowance. It has zero fat and cholesterol, and lots of vitamin B6 and folate. You can think of it as a nutrient-rich canvas on which you can paint your keto highlights.

But this is hardly where it stops. It has glucosinolates and sulforaphane – two unique phytochemicals that stimulate the synthesis of enzymes that detox the body as part of the metabolic process.

Research has even surfaced about a link between cabbage consumption and colon cancer defense. The vegetable, especially the purple group, has great supplies of anthocyanins, which are cancer-fighting antioxidants. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, while the fiber content of the veggie improves digestive processes. Flexible cabbage is even rich in sulfur, which fights infection.

All in all, cabbage is a well-rounded vegetable that you can have as part of your keto diet. It is not only low carbs, which is the whole point, but it also gives you loads of nutrients that make you healthy.

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